9 Benefits Of A Foot Massager

benefits of a foot massager

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Imagine it. You work hard. You spend long hours on your feet. By the end of the day, your feet are sore and tired.

However, you have something waiting for you when you get home. No, it isn’t a loving spouse who is eager to massage your feet. It isn’t a trip to the spa.

It is actually a foot massager. The machine type with heat and nodes and air pillows that can work all over your feet.

It may not be quite the same as getting a wonderful massage from your loving spouse, but it is a very nice alternative.

There are actually quite a few benefits of a foot massager. In this article, I am going to go over 9 of them.

Some of them relate to foot massagers specifically. Some of them are more health related. Regardless, by the end of this article you will understand how owning a foot massager can be beneficial for your well being.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any diseases. For my full medical disclaimer, click here.


One of the greatest advantages of foot massagers is that they are incredibly convenient.

Think about it. Normally, if you want a foot massage you would either have to do it yourself (which doesn’t feel that great). Or you would have to ask your significant other or someone to do it (some would say that begging is stressful). Or you would have to schedule an appointment at a massage therapist or a nail salon.

With a foot massager, you avoid all of that. You have a massage available at your beck and call whenever you need it. You can easily get a foot massage everyday after work if you really wanted.


benefits of a foot massager

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One advantage of a foot massager is that they do not cost a lot of money. There is actually a very wide range in the prices of foot massagers.

Some of the high end massagers that involve both a calf and a foot massager can cost upwards of $300. However, it is easy to find wooden foot massagers that only cost around $20.

You may not get all of the features with a smaller massager, but at the end of the day you can still get a really great foot massage.


Many foot massagers are small and you can easily take them from room to room (or even from your house to work). You can enjoy a foot massage in front of the TV one day or in your bedroom before you go to sleep another day.

The massagers that do not have vibration are pretty silent, so if you spend all day on your feet at work but have breaks, you can rejuvenate your feet with the foot massager during the breaks. It could be a game changer when it comes to work.

Packed With Features

Though many people prefer a massage from an actual person, foot massagers make up for it with all of the features. Some of these features include:

  • Vibration
  • Heat
  • Air Pillows
  • Shiatsu Massage Soles

Image the heated shiatsu massage nodes running up the soles of your feet while air pillows massage the sides. Even though a foot massager isn’t quite the same as a person, many more than make up for it with their features.

Increase Circulation To The Feet And Legs

benefits of a foot massager

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Our feet are expecially vulnerable to poor circulation because they are extremities. They are far from our heart so the blood has to travel farther to get to our feet.

This means that our feet get less healing oxygen and more carbon dioxide, a respiratory waste product. Foot massagers can help increase circulation bringing the healing oxygen back to our feet. This can help feet feel alive again.

If you suffer from poor circulation to your feet, please make sure that you are aware of any medical problems that may be causing this. A few chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and blood clots are associated with poor circulation.

If you are noticing that your feet and hands are always cold, numb, and/or tingling make sure that you talk to a medical professional so that you can rule out any chronic conditions.

Better Sleep

Do you tend to toss and turn at night, unable to get a good night’s sleep? Being focused and alert is a good thing during the day. It can help you get through everything that you need to do.

However, it can be difficult to wind down at night, especially if you tend to be a high energy sort of a person. A foot massage can act as a signal to let you know that it is time to wind down and go to bed. It is an easy way to wind down at night.

Stimulates Senses

benefits of a foot massager

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Stimulating the senses may seem like a bit of a strange benefit but it actually is very important. Researchers in Korea actually gave foot massages to diabetic patients to see if it would help them walk better.

These researchers found that the patients that received the foot massage showed significantly better balance when walking. There are many reasons why the foot massage was so effective for the patients.

One possible reason is that the increased sensation helped the patients with their balance. Another reason is that the massage helped stretch out their feet and improve their range of motion.

These researchers showed that there is a lot going on beneath the surface with a foot massage. If a foot massage can help diabetic patients walk again, image how it can help your tired feet after a long day.

Imagine not having to stop or slow down but being able to do what you need to without feeling like your feet are heavy and sore.

Reduced Stress

A foot massage can measurably reduce stress. When we are stressed, we experience certain responses in our bodies. Our heart rate increases. Our blood pressure rises. We start taking quick and shallow breaths. Left unchecked, these changes can affect our health.

Researchers in London wanted to know if a foot massage can help reduce stress in critical care patients so they offered the patients a 5 minute foot massage. They found that certain important signs of stress decreased in these patients.

Originally the patients showed the classic signs of stress including a high heart rate, high blood pressure, and a high respiratory rate. However, after even just a 5 minute foot massage, all of these indications of stress decreased.

A foot massager can be an easy way to start managing the physical issues that go along with stress (though I would certainly encourage you to go a bit deeper with your stress management, of course).


This ties in with the last point, but a foot massager is a great choice for relaxation. You can get all of the stress relieving benefits, all of the sleep benefits with very little effort.

Even better, since you don’t have to make an appointment to use a foot massager, it will be there whenever you feel that you need it. You can use it everyday when you come home from work. It can be the signal that it is time to relax.

Essentially, it can help you get into a more relaxed state of mind.

benefits of a foot massager

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In conclusion, a foot massager has a lot to offer. One of its biggest benefits is simply the convenience. Since foot massagers are kept at home and are basically on all call at all times, they offer a convenience that a conventional massage simply cannot.

In addition, foot massagers have all of the health benefits of a regular massage. You can experience the stress relief, relaxation, improved sensations with a foot massager.

There are many types of foot massagers out there. Some of them are machines while others are simply rollers. Some of them have open tops. They all have an array of features.

If you are thinking about getting a foot massager, it is helpful become with all of the features so that you can know what exactly you are looking for and what is important to you. I have compiled a list of 7 questions to ask before you buy a foot massager.

This will help you identify what exactly you want in a foot massager and help you avoid paying for features that you don’t need.

I also have a list of the best foot massagers. It has comparison charts so that you can quickly and easily find the massager with the features that you want.

Please let me know in the comments what you usually do for sore feet. Have you ever gotten a massage for them before? Does heat help? The cold? Let me know in the comments down below!


  1. It’s nice to know that getting a foot massage will stimulate your senses. It makes sense that this would be beneficial for diabetics, as you added. My sister is a diabetic. She has always had a tough time managing this because there are so many different things that you have to watch. I will pass this on to her so she can assess all the available options!

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