About Me

Many years ago, one of my friends confessed that she was having issues dealing with stress. My eyes lit up as I replied “Oh, there is an app for that! You can start doing something about it now!”

At that point, I was also desperate to find ways to relax. As a student, my budget was tight, but I knew that it was an issue that I could no longer ignore. I was constantly exhausted, I could not concentrate, and my neck was so tight that I felt like I was suffocating. I realized that I needed to make a change.

There are so many ways to manage stress. I started with yoga which was excellent because I was so tense. Then I became interested in the apps and the various guided relaxations. From there I learned about meditation, time management, assertiveness, and many other things that help with stress.

Everyone deals with stress at one point or another. I believe that peace is a state of mind, not dependent on events. My goal is to show people ways of dealing with stress so that they experience a true calm.

If you ever need any support or have any questions please contact me.




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