Best Blue Light Glasses for Your Wallet: UVEX Ultra Spec 2000 Review

Best Blue light glasses uvex ultras spec 3000

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Product: UVEX Ultra Spec 2000 Glasses

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Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Could a pair of glasses be the key to better sleep? There are many solutions to sleep problems on the market today. There are medications to help with sleep but they can have undesirable side effects such as drowsiness during the day and attention problems.

Oftentimes, we are are trying to get better sleep to solve these problems so the fact that they might not be solved by medication is very unfortunate. More natural solutions, such as getting a new mattress or specialty pillow can potentially come with a hefty price tag.

The UVEX ultra spec 2000 glasses promise a natural, gentle solution to sleep problems by blocking out blue light. Though the prices on Amazon do change, they usually only cost about $10 making them some of the best blue light glasses for your wallet.

Please keep in mind that this article reflects my own individual experience with these glasses. I cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results as me.

Also, this article is for informational purposes only. It should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Please read my full medical disclaimer here.

How do the glasses work?Best Blue light glasses uvex ultras spec 3000

These glasses block out blue light which is potentially harmful to your health. Blue light is everywhere and one of the primary sources is the sun.

Blue light isn’t inherently bad. It can increase alertness and energy helping people to become more engaged and productive.

This is incredibly important during the day when we are active and trying to get work done. Blue light does have 2 major drawbacks, however.

Blue light can disrupt your sleep cycle

According to Harvard Health Publications, blue light can disrupt your sleep cycle by suppressing the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

If you have less melatonin, it will be harder for you to sleep. These glasses block out the blue light, potentially exposing you to more of your own natural melatonin thus helping you to fall asleep more easily.

Blue light can strain your eyes

There are many reasons why looking at the computer for hours can hurt your eyes. One is that your eyes are getting a lot of high energy blue light that can strain your eyes. These glasses block out the high energy blue light reducing some of the strain on your eyes caused by electronics.

These glasses block out blue light which can potentially help you produce more of the sleep hormone and reduce some of the strain on your eyes.


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My experience with the glasses

Best Blue light glasses uvex ultras spec 3000
My main issue with sleep is that I am basically an incorrigible night owl. Despite my best efforts, I have a tendency of falling asleep late and waking up late.
Even when I would get into the routine of waking up and falling asleep early, I still tend to feel (and honestly walk) like a zombie.
A few years ago, I began a quest to find some natural remedies that would help me with my sleep. After various google searches, I learned about blue light and got these glasses.

When I put on these glasses, they cast the world into a warm orange glow making it look like there is a sunset at all times.

When I got them, I knew right away that they were blocking blue light because it was Christmastime. My tree had some blue lights on them which were completely invisible looking through the glasses.

According to Consumer Reports, the UVEX Skyper glasses, a comparable model, almost completely blocked out blue light during testing. This was impressive because its more expensive competitors cut blue light only by about half (and some less than half).

I got the UVEX ultra spec 2000 and not the skper because I wanted to be sure that they would fit over my large, wayfarer-style glasses. They do, quite well in fact, and there is even some room on the side. That being said, the skyper might have worked because they are designed to fit over glasses, too.

These glasses need to be worn for some time to be effective. I would put mine on for about 2 hours before bed.  During this time, I would use electronics while I had the glasses on.

Best Blue light glasses uvex ultras spec 3000

They are much larger than my glasses.

When it comes to sleep, the glasses are pretty effective for me. I would fall asleep quickly and sleep through the entire night.

I also had more energy the next day than if I just controlled my sleep through sleep hygiene.

That being said, there was still some room for improvement when it came to my sleep, but these glasses had a huge impact.

These glasses were also very effective for reducing eye strain. When I was in school, I would spend several hours a day looking at the computer and my eyes would feel very dry and sore.

I always blamed allergies for this problem, but when I started to use these glasses for sleep, I began to feel some relief at the computer. Now I use them frequently at the computer to help with the eye strain.

Drawbacks of the glasses

  • These glasses are large, bulky, and orange. They definitely stand out when you wear them in public. You also should not drive with these on.
  • In order for these glasses to be effective, you may have to wear them for an hour or two before you go to bed. It can be difficult to do this if you do not like wearing them in public.

8.5Expert Score
UVEX Ultra Spec 2000

These glasses almost completely block out blue light and were highly effective at helping me, an incorrigible night owl, fall asleep. They are pretty easy to use, though you may not want to walk around with them on. The Ultra Spec 2000 is generally comfortable, but they do get heavy at times.

Blocks Blue Light
Ease of Use

In conclusion, blue blocker glasses are a great way to get sleep without the side effects of medication or the cost of a new mattress. There are also more effective at blocking out blue light than more expensive brands of blue light glasses.

They also have the added benefit of reducing eye strain from working long hours at the computer. It is entirely possible to get a better sleep naturally for a low cost. This is an inexpensive, natural option to help you fall asleep. It is one of my favorite falling asleep tips/life hacks.

Block blue light and reduce eyestrain so that you can be more alert and alive during the day. Click below to buy the UVEX ultra spec 2000 glasses.


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  1. Interesting article, as I never figured the history of the blue light is all natural, as its more than just computer and monitor screens. Its all around, and thats whey these glasses are really needed, blocking out all such lights. All of these interfaces are not going to let their light in into this product!

  2. I have always wondered about my lower back pain, it could be a combination of stress and also from being in the army from sit-ups, road marches. Sometimes I will lie on the floor and prop my feet up on the bed with my back flush to the bed. Do you recommend any other type stretching exercises?

    • You should talk to a doctor or physical therapist about it. I wouldn’t want to give you an exercise that would make things worse. If everything looks good, you should consider a massager. They provide extremely convenient relief for stress and can help with pain management.

  3. It’s so important to get in a quality, good night’s sleep. These glasses seem perfect!
    I have been looking around for products that would aid me in sleeping without interruptions, so I’m really glad I came across this review.
    I’m also not a fan of medication and being medicated, and this is a great step towards providing an alternative 🙂

    • Yes, it is a great step to take if you have mild sleep issues caused by light. I think that it worked for me because I had issues falling asleep at night. I am not so sure how it would work for people who have trouble with early wakefulness. 

  4. Hi, I learned some very useful information on this website. I had no clue that bluelight could decrease the melatonin in your brain. I am going to purchase these glasses so that I sleep better. I have horrible sleep habits and vision and these glasses are perfect. thank you so much

    • Thanks! I hope that these glasses work out for you. Originally, I got these glasses to help out with sleep but was surprised by how much they help with eye strain.  

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