Best Rated Massage Chairs For 2018

When I was a teen, one of my favorite things to do at the mall was try out the massage chairs. In fact, I would never think of leaving the mall without trying out the massage chairs first. In my mind, it was therapy after a long day of window shopping.

On one such trip, I was playing around on a chair, when suddenly it went all the way back (and I mean all the way back). It was so extreme that I almost somersaulted backwards out of the chair.

This was my first introduction to a zero-gravity massage chair.

Massage technology has continued to advance in the years since. Reasonably priced chairs have features that we wouldn’t even have dreamed of in the 90’s.

Now, even less expensive massage chairs have awesome features such as zero gravity, heating, and stretch programs.

It is also perfectly reasonable to get out a massage chair online, even it you have never tried it out.

Oftentimes, getting a massage chair online can save you money. Relaxonchair is able to keep their price down because they are eCommerce only- they don’t have floor shows. This means that they don’t have to pay the price for the middleman.

Also, many of these companies have excellent customer service. If you are unsure about whether a massage chair is for you, you should definitely call. Many times, they are able to tell you about some of their best models (and it isn’t necessarily just the most expensive one). The companies know that when you are buying a massage chair online, you need support.

Many of the companies are great at answering questions about the chairs online and helping out customers if they are not satisfied with the chair and if something goes wrong.

It would be easy for me to just tell you my opinion on what is the best massage chair. However, everyone has different needs and preferences.

In this list, I give my choices the top 3 for each price category. Each of the massage chairs will have its own benefits and flaws. Here are some things to consider when choosing:

  • Features– What exactly do you hope to gain from the massage? Is it more for therapy or relaxation? Where exactly do you want the massage? Is the back enough or do you want the thighs and glutes too? (If you want the thighs and glutes then you definitely want an L-track). Do you want heat? Where exactly do you want the heat?
  • Price– How much do you want to spend? Is there a chair that has a lower price that can do the same thing? Are there any chairs that are on sale?
  • Chair Size– Can this chair actually fit into you house or apartment? Will you have to disassemble it? Is the chair the right size for you? (This last one is especially important if you happen to be tall).
  • Delivery– Do they offer a white glove service that can help bring the chair in and assemble it? Can you assemble it yourself? (Several chairs have videos on youtube to help with chair assembly) Do you live on an upper floor? Are you alright with curbside delivery or do you need for it to be brought into the house?
  • Customer Service (perhaps the most important consideration)- Does the chair have good customer service? If you call them, will they be happy to answer questions for you? If the chair breaks down, will they respond?


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The Best Massage Chair Under $1000: Top 3

May the buyer beware: it is possible to find a massage chair under $1000 dollars with great features, but it may come at the expense of great customer service (which, believe me,  you will want when you buy a massage chair online).

If you are considering a chair at this price range, I highly encourage you to check out my list of the top massage cushions. These offer a great full back massage at a low price.

==> Click here to learn about the top massage cushions

I have included to 2 chairs from the seller  Cavalier Wholesale. I was hesitant to include massage chairs from this seller because they had some complaints. To make matters worse, they received a low rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Despite this, their massage chairs still seem to give a pretty great massage. Their chairs have numerous positive reviews and also offer some of the best features for this price point.

If you want to get a chair from Cavalier Wholesale, it would be wise to find someone who can help you take in and assemble the chair (because you will have to assemble it yourself) and to also find someone who is handy and can help you fix it in case anything goes wrong.

I have also included a chair from the brand Human Touch. Though the chair offers just the basics (it is pretty much just a back massage), this company is much more responsive to customer needs and complaints.

It is possible to find chairs in this price range that have great features, such as heat, airbags, and even zero gravity, but it is unusual to see a chair in this price range that offers everything. One feature that is common among all of these chairs is the automatic massage program. Each chair offers 3 or 4 automatic massages.

If you are going to get a massage chair under $1000, it would be wise to consider what you really want out of a massage chair and then find the chair that has the features that match your needs.

Even if you are on a budget, I would also encourage you to look at some of the chairs in the other price categories because they have a more balanced offering of features, better customer service, and they often go on sale.


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1. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06 by Best Massage

best rated massage chairsThis chair comes in at number one. Out of all of the massage chairs in the under $1000 category, it provides the best heat features. It offers a decent massage treatment for the entire body, but there are numerous complaints around a lack of customer service

Features and benefits

This chair massages the entire back, from neck to tailbone. The techniques that this chair uses on the back are compression, percussion, rolling, and kneading. It also has 4 automatic programs.

It claims to target pressure points in the neck (though I don’t know how they would accurately do this since the chair lacks sensors). This chair massages the lower body primarily with air bags (20 total) that provide compression. This means that there are no rollers for your feet; just compression and heat. The chair also vibrates down to the lower back.

One great feature of this chair is that it is fully automatic- you can recline the backrest and the legs independently. This is fantastic for people who really need to elevate their feet.

Another great feature is the heat. This chair is heated in both the back and feet and has received a lot of praise from customers for getting truly toasty.

If you choose this chair, be prepared for a fairly intense massage. This chair offers various levels of intensity, but it has a reputation for being fairly vigorous.


There have been some complaints about the chair breaking.

Shipping is an issue. The chair cannot actually be delivered inside of your house and you will have to assemble it yourself. If something happens and you refuse shipment, you will have to pay the complete shipping fee (about $300).

Overall, when this chair works, people seem to rave about it but when it doesn’t they are on their own.


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2. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair by Human Touch

best rated massage chairs Coming in at number two is the iJoy-2310 by human touch. This little massage chair offers a great massage for the back (and back only). Though it lacks many of the features of the other massage chairs, Human Touch provides comparatively good customer service.

Below, I will go over a few reasons why it might be better to order directly from Human Touch.

Features and benefits

This chair is modest and provides only a back massage (no massage for the bottom, legs, or feet). The techniques that it uses are kneading, compression, percussion, and rolling. It also has 3 auto-programs. This chair does not have heat or vibration.

The massage itself is moderate and excellent for people who are a little more sensitive (the chair comes with a removable pad to help you control the intensity). You will feel it working, but it isn’t as harsh as some of the other chairs in this price range.

You can recline the chair to nearly 180° using a lever on the side (the reclining is not electric). The chair also has a cup holder built into the armrest.

Despite being a very basic chair, people seem to be very happy with the massage that it provides.

Why it might be better to order directly from Human Touch

If you order from Human Touch, you get complimentary threshold delivery, meaning that they will bring it inside your door.

This should work well for most people since the chair is fairly easy to assemble. They also offer a white glove service for an additional fee, which means that they will put the chair together for you.


This chair is very small and might not work out well for people who are tall or wide. The chair also sits very low to the ground, so if you have mobility issues or weak knees, it may be difficult for you to get into and out of the chair


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3. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat and Long Rail 161 by Best Massage

best rated massage chairsComing in at number three is the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair by Best Massage. For the under $1000 category, this chair offers the best massage for the thighs. This chair has plenty of features to offer, but there are also numerous complaints about the customer service.

Features and benefits

This chair truly offers a full body massage. Its massage rollers are able to work from the neck all the way down to the thigh. It also offers a roller massage for the feet. It has sensors that can determine the position of your shoulders for a more precise massage.

Additionally, this chair has a zero gravity position and offers heat at the waist. The legs extend down. so that it is comfortable for taller people (though it might not be the best fit for people over 6′)

The techniques that this chair uses are shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and air compression. You can manually choose your massage or use one of the 4 automatic massage programs.

Many customers truly seem to enjoy the massage but be aware that this chair offers quite a deep massage. It might not be for people who are more sensitive and can only tolerate a light massage.


The foot massage can be far too intense, especially on the heel. This can easily be fixed by wearing slippers or putting a padding on the area. This chair also makes a some noise, which took away from the massage experience for some people.

This chair is not as adjustable as other chairs. You cannot extend the feet up so that your feet are elevated.

This chair is quite heavy and cannot be delivered inside your home. It is up to you to bring it inside and assemble it (Some people found the instruction manual difficult to read.

There are plenty of helpful instructions in the product review section). If they try to deliver it and you do not take the order, you are responsible for the total shipping fee which is about $300. Otherwise, shipping is free.


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The Best Massage Chair Under $2000: Top 3

The under $2000 category is a sweet spot for massage chairs on Amazon: you get a really great mix of features for a price that is not overly exorbitant.

These chairs are not for everyone, however. They are on the smaller side, so if you are fairly tall or wide, the chairs in this category might not be the perfect fit for you. The chairs in the under $3000 category work better for people who are tall or wide.

All of the top chairs that I have chosen for this category have the zero gravity feature. The top 2 even have multiple zero gravity settings.

All 3 of the chairs have have heat, but the location of the heat differs slightly from chair to chair.

Each of the chairs have at least 4 automatic massage programs. One chair even has 6.

All of the top chairs have rollers along the feet. However, they also have some complaints about how uncomfortable the rollers are. Thankfully, you could easily fix this problem by putting padding on the feet or wearing slippers.

One thing that makes this price range so sweet is the great customer service the companies offer. All of the companies offer a white glove service to help you set up your chair. They are also extremely responsive to questions and feedback on Amazon.


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1. Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy by Kahuna Massage

best rated massage chairsComing in at number one in the under $2000 category is the LM6800 Kahuna massage chair. This chair provide a great massage for the entire body.

Features and benefits

This massage chair uses 4 rollers on an L-track massage system to massage from the shoulders all the way down to the buttocks.

It also has air cells around the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet to give a full body massage experience. There are also foot rollers. The speed of the rollers and air cells are adjustable up to three levels.

The LM6800 uses body scanning technology to customize the massage experience. It also offers 3 stages of zero gravity positioning and is able to adjust without taking up a lot of space (only 3 inches).

You can recline the chair a few different levels and can also elevate the feet. The feet also extend out to accommodate taller people, but according to some reports from people over 6’2” the feet do not extend enough.

The massage techniques that this chair includes are shiatsu, kneading, clapping, tapping, and rolling. It also has 6 auto programs, one of which is a stretching program which essentially does as the name says.

This chair has heating on the lower legs and back.

People seem to be satisfied with the customer service and the seller is very responsive to questions and reviews. For delivery, there is a white glove service available for an additional fee. The white glove service ensures that the chair is set up and ready to use inside of your house.

It may be the best option is you want the chair on the second floor or above. Otherwise, you will have to set the chair up yourself. There are a lot of parts, but many say that assembly is easy and there is even a video on youtube to help you out with it.


Many customers find the foot massage too intense. You may have to wear slippers and put down extra padding for the foot massage.

Some people want a longer massage but are unable to program it on the chair. It is possible to get 30 minute massages on this chair, but apparently a little difficult to figure out.

People also have issues with their arms slipping out of the arm massage area.


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2. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus [Redesigned] Full Massage Chair with Built Heating and Air Massage System by RELAXONCHAIR

best rated massage chairsComing in at number 2 is the MK-II by Relaxonchair. This is a solid massage chair with excellent features and excellent customer service (and costs a little less than the Kahuna).

Features and Benefits

The MK-II plus uses rollers on an L-track to massage from the shoulders all the way down to the back and buttocks. It also has rollers on the bottom of the feet for the foot massage. It has computer scanning to give an accurate and customized massage and also 3 stages of zero gravity.

This chair also features lower back heating (but no leg heating) and airbags. These airbags are pretty much located throughout the entire body (shoulder, arm and hands, hip, calf, and foot) and help provide the full body stretching functions in addition to the massage.

The MK-II plus has 4 automatic massage programs (including a deep tissue and stretching program), 3 levels of of airbag intensity, and 3 different speed settings for the massage. It uses 5 massage techniques: kneading, tapping, kneading+tapping combo, shiatsu, and rolling. The legs can adjust for different leg lengths (though this chair will not be perfect for people about 6’2”).

As far as delivery is concerned, you do have the option of getting the white glove service, which assembles the chair for you. If you do not, the chair actually comes fully assembled and the only thing you have to do is attack the feet. Keep in mind that the chair is quite large and you will need a door opening that is at least 31 inches wide to get it through.

Once everything is in place, customers seem to genuinely enjoy the massage that this chair provides. Relaxonchairs also provides excellent customer service and is very responsive to questions and reviews on Amazon.


People mainly have an issue with the intensity of the foot massage.

The lumbar heat is a little weak compared to other massage chairs.

Some people (especially tall people) feel that there needs to be more support around the head.

The remote control is large and easy to read but doesn’t have any backlighting.


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3. Forever Rest FR-5Ks Premier by Forever Rest

best rated massage chairs Coming in at number 3 is the FR-5Ks by Forever Rest. It doesn’t have as many features as the other chairs, but it does offer a quality chair for the price-point.

Features and Benefits

This chair uses an I-track that guides the rollers from the neck down to the lower back (this is a little shorter than the L-track which goes all the way down to the buttocks). It uses scanning technology so that the massage can adjust to your body.

The FR-5Ks also has rollers for the feet, heat in the seat, and airbags along feet, calves, and shoulder, giving a whole body massage experience.

It has 4 automatic massage programs (stretch, relax, swing, and recover) and uses 7 massage techniques (knocking, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, tapping, seat vibration, and tapping+knocking combo). It can also adjust to a zero gravity position.

You can enjoy up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage before the session ends and can pause the session if you need to.

People seem to really enjoy this chair, especially the neck massage.

Forever Rest really designed the chair with the user experience in mind. It comes with an oversized pillow for the head and neck and also a removable back pillow to adjust the intensity of the massage. The legs can extend for taller people, though it still may not be a perfect fit.

It unfortunately only has curbside delivery but it does come fully assembled and has rear wheels to make moving it easier.


This chair has fewer features than some of the other chairs in this category. For example, it doesn’t have air bags around the hips or legs.


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The Best Massage Chair Under $3000: Top 3

The chairs in the under $3000 category have additional features that add to the luxury of the massage chair experience.

All three chairs in the top 3 category use a S track to fit the curves of the spine in addition to the L track to give a thigh and glute massage.

One of the chairs (the Kahuna SM-7300) is designed to cater towards people that are taller and wider (though average sized people can certainly use it too).

All of the chairs have zero gravity positions (though customer opinions about the quality of the zero gravity differ).

There are also more automatic massage programs than the last two categories and the intensity of the massage is more adjustable compared to the massage chairs at lower price points. This helps ensure that you are truly getting the best massage experience.


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1. Kahuna SM-7300 by Kahuna Massage

best rated massage chairs Features and Benefits

The SM-7300 uses the innovative SL track to guide its rollers. It curves along the length of the spine like the S track and also extends all the way from the shoulders down the thighs like the L track. It uses 6 rollers so that you feel like you are being massaged by 6 hands at once. It also uses body scanning technology to provide you with a customized massage

This massage chair was made to accommodate taller and wider body types. It can can heights up to 6’5” and weights up to 320 lbs. The legs extend out 12 inches.

This chair has 9 automatic programs, 4 of which are considered special programs (Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, Dynamic Sport). It uses 5 massage techniques: kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping+knocking, and Shiatsu). The chair also has a space saving zero gravity feature, but many customers do not consider it to be true zero gravity.

It also has back heat to melt away stress and tension in the back.

This chair has air cells in the hips and thighs, which purportedly relieve aches in the hips and align the spine. It also has cells around the calves and feet (and rollers for the bottom of the feet).

One great thing about this chair is that you will have excellent customer support. The team at Kahuna is highly responsive in the question and customer review section of Amazon.

Additionally, they listen to feedback to improve the chairs. They actually adjusted the air massage to five different levels in response to comments in the review sections. They also changed the interface of the remote control so that customers would have a better user experience.

If you are hesitant to order a massage chair online, know that this company does everything that it can to ensure that your money is well spent.


Customers tend to be dissatisfied with the zero gravity feature of this chair.

The foot rollers are strong, but you can turn it down with the remote.


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2. Relaxonchair MK-IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

best rated massage chairs Features and Benefits

Instead of using an L track like many massage chairs, the MK-IV uses an S shaped system which adjusts to the natural contours of the body.

It doesn’t seem to rely on body scanning technology, but you can adjust the height of the shoulders so that it fits you. This might actually be an advantage, since sensors will know your size, but not your actual preferences.

The MK-IV has 5 automatic programs and you are able to create 3 programs manually. It has 5 massage techniques: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, and a combination of kneading and tapping. It also has 3 levels of intensity and 3 levels of speed control. Each massage session is limited to 20 minutes to prevent muscle strains and body aches.

This massage chair doesn’t use rollers for the feet (based upon customer request. Instead it has 20 air bags and a shiatsu foot plate in order to give the ultimate foot massage experience. People seem happy with the airbag massage and often mention how nice they find it. The feet can also extend 8 inches for taller people.

There are also 8 airbags to provide a fantastic arm massage and heating along the back.

It has 3 stages of space-saving zero gravity.

Many customers like the fact that it provides a strong and firm massage along the back.

White glove service delivery is available for this chair for an additional cost.


Many people like the neck massage, but some feel like it is not strong enough.

The chairs does not have rollers along the feel, only airbags. Some people feel that it squeezes their calves too tightly.

The remote does not have backlighting.


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3. Infinity IT-Escape-CB Escape Massage Chair

best rated massage chairs Features and benefits

This chair has a 47” L track that goes from your shoulders all the way down to under your buttocks and has a 4 rollers. In addition, it has a unique side rail that helps the rollers follow that natural shape of the spine.

It has 9 automatic massage programs. The massage techniques that it uses are kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, combination, and rolling. You are able to adjust the intensity of the massage manually.

It has a sensor for the shoulder massage to give the most accurate massage.

The Escape also has airbags everywhere. There are 38 total leading to very powerful compression therapy.

It also features 2 space saving zero gravity positions, spinal correction, lumbar heating, a stretch function, and a hip massage.

It offers a reflexology foot massage with a heel rubber to relieve heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

This massage chair isn’t the most popular on Amazon, but seems to offer a quality massage (customers seem quite satisfied).


There doesn’t seem to be a white glove service for this chair and it isn’t assembled (which may be a good thing. It will be easier to bring into the house and the room of your choice). You will have to put it together yourself and the instructions are difficult to read. However, there is a video on youtube that walks you through the assembly.

The foot massage is a little intense.


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The Best Massage Chair Under $5000: Top 3

It is no surprise that these massage chairs offer some of the newest technologies. You can expect to see 3-D massage rollers and advanced automatic programs and massage techniques on these chairs.

What will surprise you is that some of these chairs do not offer basic features that people expect have come to expect from a massage chair, like lumbar heating.

This is because these chairs have more targeted goals in mind. They may have a focus on fitness or design, for example.

If you want to choose a chair in this category, it is important to consider exactly what you want from a massage chair. Do you want an overall good massage chair? Do you want to improve your posture and flexibility? Do you want a massage chair that is stylish?

All of these things are important to consider in this category. In fact, if one of my top rated chairs doesn’t fit what you want, I encourage you to look around because there may be a customized chair out there for you.


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1. Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair

best rated massage chairs Features and Benefits

This chair has an L track that massages all the way down to the glutes as well as an S track that fits the contour of your spine. The body scanning technology further makes sure that the massage is perfect. This is one of the few chairs that massages the glutes when you are in a completely flat position.

It comes with 9 automatic massage programs and uses 6 massage techniques including shiatsu, Swedish, kneading, rolling, tapping, and clapping. It is pretty unusual to see a massage chair that uses Swedish massage. It also has 2 stretching programs and reflexology rollers for the bottoms of the feet. Even more it has 2 zero gravity positions.

The massage is very customizable with 5 levels for strength, intensity, and pain. It also has 3 width adjustments and a removable back pad.

You can further customize it with the partial and spot massage which allow you to choose exactly where you want your massage.

This massage chair has 56 airbags. It basically has airbags everywhere. Additionally, it has heat in the lumbar area and also vibration in the seat.

As far as delivery is concerned, the white glove service isn’t readily apparent from the Amazon page, but if you contact the seller, they are willing to set up a white glove service.

Overall, this chair comes loaded with features and has something for everyone.


The L track only massages the glutes when you are fully reclined.

Some people say that they wish that the massage was a little stronger around the shoulders.


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2. INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s Massage Chair

best rated massage chairs Features and Benefits

This massage chair uses 3-D roller technology which is considered the gold standard of massage chair rollers. Instead of just going up and down, they also go in and out giving a truly deep experience. It has a shiatsu point locator in order to make the massage chair perfect for you.

The Flex has 11 automatic programs, many of which focus on stretching the body. These programs combine stretching with massage in such a way that sounds, frankly, heavenly. In addition, this chair has 50 airbags which work over your body during the stretching program.

This chair also has wide panels over the shoulders. These stabilizers help improve the posture by holding the shoulders back.

Though the flex does not have lumbar or leg heat, it does provide some heat for the hands and soles of the feet to promote relaxation.

The flex has some additional therapeutic features, including choreographed movements and therapeutic torsion, to increase flexibility and posture.

White glove service is available on Amazon, but you must contact the seller to set it up.


This chair lacks some of the features that people have come to expect from high-end massage chairs. For example, it doesn’t have lumbar heating or a zero gravity position (though I can understand why it doesn’t have zero gravity- the chair focuses on improving the back so that it doesn’t need that sort of relief).

The chair is quite small and likely won’t be as comfortable for people over 6’2”.

All of the massage sessions are about 30 minutes.


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3. Bali Full Body Stretch and Massage Chair by Human Touch

best rated massage chairs Features and Benefits

The Bali uses gold-standard 3-D roller technology along a S track. The 3-D roller moves in and out more closely simulating a human massage. It also uses body scan technologies to perfectly adjust the automatic programs to your body.

Speaking of which, this chair has 8 automatic programs and uses a shocking 21 massage techniques. With so many techniques, there is bound to be something for everyone, even though I do worry about the time it would take to try them all out (though it would certainly be a radically relaxing time).

In addition to all of the techniques that this chair uses, it also offers a full body stretch as well as a foot stretch.

Speaking of feet, the treatment that this chair gives to the feet and calves is truly exceptional. It uses a patented figure-8 massager that has paddles instead of airbags to target these areas.

This chair has only 30 airbags, fewer than other chairs in this price category (perhaps because of the new technology along the feet and calves). You can adjust the intensity of the airbags, as well as the width of the massage, the speed, and the shoulders.

Some features that this chair noticeable lacks are heat and a roller glute massage. If these features are important to you, this may not be your chair.

One last feature of the Bali that makes it truly exceptional is the fact that it can also be used as an office chair. The ottoman is adjustable so that you can hide it when you are not using the chair for a massage. It also has enough padding that you can use the chair for purposes other than massage.


This chair lacks features such as heat and a roller glute massage that many people look for.


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  1. Wow I had no idea they had so many different types of massage chairs. I really like using them, but my wife really enjoys them as she gets a sore back from time to time.

    In your opinion what is the best type of chair to use if you are experiencing sore back muscles?

    • I would recommend the Kahuna 6800, my number one choice in the under $2000 category. It has 3 stages of zero gravity to take the pressure off the back, back and leg heating, and 6 automatic programs to help relax your back. 

      You get a great selection of features for a reasonable price with this chair. 

  2. I have seem the massage chairs at the malls before. I just never tried them. The reason is because they usually have a lot of people sitting there even though some of them are not even using it as a massager. They are just using it as convenient chairs. If I had to choose, I would go for the intense massage chair you mentioned, because I want to feel relief after I get up from it. Even though these chairs seem pretty awesome, I do have a question. What exactly is zero gravity? Does it make you feel like you are floating in space? If that was the case, then these massage chairs seems pretty cool.

    • They are very popular at the mall! A zero gravity massage chair puts your body in the same position that the astronauts are in when they are floating in space. This even out the pressure on their bodies. There are a lot of health benefits that go along with the position, such as improving circulation. I wrote a post about it here.

  3. When I am rich, this is one of the first things I’m going to buy. A personal massage chair that will do all the dirty work for you. These will probably overtake massage jobs in the future. I would go for one under $1000 do you think one of a higher price is worth the investment?

    • I definitely do because they tend to have better customer support. However, if that isn’t as important to you then you can definitely get great chair under $1000.

  4. Hello Eva,

    I’ve always wanted a massage chair myself, but I never bothered to try the ones at the mall because I’m some what germophobic haha xD

    The last time I checked with my uncle, a decent massage chair can cost you around $5000, so it’s music in my ears when reading your article.

    Thank you very much,

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