Dealing with Stress from Work- It’s Complicated

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Dealing with stress from work is not always straightforward. Many people deal with stress from work, but no two cases are the same.

People do not just leave work at work. It affects other areas of their life. It can affect how their afternoon will go, how they will sleep, and whether they will eagerly go to work in the morning or sit outside in their car dreading the moment they step foot in the office.

There is always something that you can do about the stress, but you have to consider where the stress is coming from and how it plays into your life.

Once you have this understanding, you will know the actions that you need to take. Below are some reasons that people often find it hard to fix the stress at work.

  1. People have serious responsibilities related to workParents and work

Many people do not think that they can take a risk that could cause them to lose their job. They need the income to support their families and the thought of losing their income is stressful in and of itself.

People also feel responsible for the job itself, pulling long hours simply to make sure that they are doing their best work.

  1. Some people lack work-life balance

Their work consumes all of their attention. It can feel impossible for them to do something about the stress because work consumes about 80% of their time and responsibilities at home consumes the rest.

Relaxation techniques could benefit people who are stressed from a lack of work-life balance, but their issues will never really end until they can find a way to cut down on the amount of time that they spend working.

  1. Most of the time, work stress is not the fault of the person suffering from it

Many times, work is simply mismanaged. Bosses do not realize that they are demanding more work than is reasonable (or even physically possible). They could also not demand or expect enough which can be equally stressful for some people.

Many times organizations are clueless about how to create a good work environment.

Some jobs may also have toxic environments with cut-throat employees.

Even if the stress that you experience from work is not your fault, you are still the one who has to address it.

A new hopeStress at work can be complicated because of how it affects other areas of life. Relaxation can be hugely beneficial for many people but is not the best place to start for everyone. Time management, communication, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are all very important factors that people can improve to help fight the stress.

In one of my posts, I list out some different ways that you can reduce stress in under 10 minutes.

==> Check out some quick and simple things that you can do to start reducing stress here

You are more than capable of improving your stress management at work. There are plenty of resources that can help you figure out how to relax, manage time, and and improve your life. In order to be successful, you must have an idea of your biggest issues.

If you are seriously having trouble addressing the stress in your life, consider talking to a professional or joining a support group. Also, feel free to send a message to me.

What causes the most stress for you at work? What are some obstacles to fixing the stress and what may help? Please let me know in the comment section.

  1. Hello Eva,

    I just read your article on Dealing with Stress from Work: It’s Complicated. It brought back a lot of horrible memories. I remember the days of commuting an hour to and from a job I hated. Now, I work online from my house. My commute is just 20 steps to my office. Anyways, great article!


    • That is awesome! Oftentimes taking control of the situation is the solution rather than spending 2 hours of your life nearly everyday driving to and from your job.

  2. Oh, I was so happy to read when you said that sometimes stress is not the fault of the person who is suffering from it. The work load is just not broken down and enough of it given to the right people and too much is given to some people. This is the absolute truth and if took some weight off of my shoulders to hear you say it too. I had been trying to tell my boss this for years and he would get that smug little smile and then make some rude remark. There was so much stress on that job that I would literally get up and run out of my office when I heard the owner pull his car into the garage.
    So, the stress at work basically broke me and I even suffered PTSD from it.
    This will be a great place for people to come and realize “it’s not there fault” for feeling the amount of stress at work. Especially if they get that feeling of being in trouble all of the time. There should be no reason for anyone to have to feel like they have someone standing over their back with a whip.
    I can also think that teaching people how to relax might be a difficult job too. But like you said, as long as a person can sit down and figure out what causes them the most stress in their job, and if they need some help from the outside, that you are there to talk about it with them, if they so desire. Perhaps it will give them an approach that they never thought of before too.
    But I got to the point between PTSD and taking all of the blame onto myself as well; this left me in a big pile of hoo hoo at the end of every day and unable to cope on weekends; when I finally had to quit my job. It would be great for people to learn that no amount of stress at work is worth the self deprecation that we tend to put ourselves through if we feel we can’t handle everything the boss puts on our plate. I wish I had been in a position to read this blog back then.
    Thanks for writing and sharing it now with people because it’s someone like you that might be giving a person like myself a different way of looking at things and an out of much of the stress that I had been feeling at the time. Great post. Good luck.

    • Thanks! Your reply really touched my heart. I came up with this article because I was trying to think of some ways to help people cope and I felt that it would be wrong to just put out suggestions when there could be so much more going on. I am glad that you quit your job and I wish you peace.

  3. I work in the medical field and the single most likely factor that causes work stress to me is patient complications. I feel the professional responsibility to help/cure them but when things get out of hand, it costs them more money and anguish and I actually feel bad about it.

    There’s really no simple solution to this problem because every disease and every patient is different. Over the years, I’ve learned to manage things better and try not to bring my troubles back home.

    Actually considering to take a long sabbatical – maybe that can help me relax better.

    • That does sound like it would take quite a toll. I hope that you are able to take some time off and get the rest that you need. The solution definitely isn’t simple. Your patients are very fortunate to have someone that cares.

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