Homedics Perfect Touch Massage Review- MCS-1000h

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Homedics Perfect Touch Massage MCS-1000h

Learn why I was pleasantly impressed by the Homedics Perfect Touch Massage Cushion.
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Sometimes you just want to relax. Maybe you work long hours hunched over the computer. Perhaps you are balancing a lot of responsibilities. Maybe it is a little bit of both.

Regardless, it is good to schedule some relaxation into your day.

Massage cushions can be a great way to do this. Ever since I got mine (a Nursal), when I come home from work I take about 15 minutes to sit in my massage cushion and listen to some music. It is like a new start to my day.

Recently, I tried out the Homedics Perfect Touch massage cushion and was very impressed. In this review, I’ll break down some of its features, pros, and cons. I’ll also discuss some frequently asked questions and explain some of the main difference between this model and the Homedics Shiatsu Elite Pro model.

Read on to discover the unique benefits that the Perfect touch massage cushion provides.

This article is for information purposes only. Please read my full medical disclaimer here.

Who It’s For

The Homedics Perfect Touch is perfect if you want a convenient massage. You can get a great massage at home or at work whenever you want.

Massage cushions are also cost-effective compared to going to the spa. You may have to pay more when you first get your massage cushion, but it is definitely less expensive than several massage appointments.

This massage cushion may not be for you if you have a chronic medical condition or other contraindication. If you have a medical condition that can be exacerbated by a massage such as diabetes, heart disease, a recent surgery, an injury etc. make sure that you seek professional medical advice before you invest in a massage cushion. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money.

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First Impressions

When I first saw the Perfect Touch, I really liked the stylish design with the silver accents. Even though it is a larger massage cushion, it has a streamline appearance.

Besides being stylish, the appearance doesn’t really show what it is fully capable of. I expected it to be very similar to my Nursal massage cushion. However, I discovered that it expanded on many features justifying its larger price tag.

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The Homedics Perfect Touch Masseuse has several features that make it stand out from other similar massage cushions.

Below is a quick video provided by Homedics on Youtube that goes over some of the features.

  • Massage Zones

The perfect touch targets 3 different areas. Here I’ll break down what it targets and how it compares to other cushions

Neck and Shoulder

The Perfect touch has heated massage nodes around the neck and shoulder region. Since you can adjust the height of the neck massage, people of various heights can use it.

I am about 5’8’’ and the neck massage was perfect for me. However, if you are over 6’ or under 5’5’’ you may find that the neck massage doesn’t quite work.

Upper and Lower Back

The perfect touch also has heated massage nodes that run up and down the length of your spine. The back massage has some unique features that I’ll go into in a minute.

Vibrating Seat

The seat of the perfect touch vibrates. This is great for relaxing your legs after a workout.

  • 4 Massage Modes

The perfect touch has 4 different massage modes. It offers more options than other similar massage cushions.

Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage

The kneading on the Perfect touch is firm- excellent if you really want to target tense muscles.

Gentle Rolling

This is a much more gentle massage. The rollers simple move up and down your back. It doesn’t seem like much, but to me personally, it feels like heaven.

One feature that the perfect touch is missing is the ability to adjust the width. Take this into account if rolling is your favorite feature and you like to adjust the width.


I was so excited to see this feature. It is extremely unusual to see a percussion feature on a massage cushion.  Usually, you only start to see it when you start looking at massage chairs.

When I tried out the Perfect Touch, the percussion feature did not disappoint and I was left wondering how they did it from a technological standpoint.

Shiatsu and Percussion Combined

As if having percussion wasn’t enough, they combined the percussion massage with the shiatsu massage. The result is a strong, relaxing, invigorating massage. This combination won’t be for everyone. However, perfect touch is the rare cushion that is capable of this combination.

  • App Control

The perfect touch has a phone app helps you control the massage cushion from your phone. It is an unusual feature that is a little over-the-top.

Why pull out your phone when you already have a controller attached? It could be fun to have someone else control the settings of the massage, however.

  • Straps

The perfect touch also has straps along the back of the cushion. This allows it to fit snugly on the chair. The straps are also great for adjusting the cushion to a good height if you are tall.

  • Retractable Cord

This is great for storage. The Perfect touch is very portable, but you wouldn’t want to cord dangling around everywhere, would you?

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Pros And Cons

  • Gives a firm massage
  • Has a unique percussion feature
  • Adjustable neck and back massage
  • Easy to move and to store
  • Limited 2-year warranty

  • The neck massage doesn’t adjust enough to fit everyone
  • Many did not find the app necessary

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Homedics Perfect Touch Vs. Homedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Cushion

The Homedics Shiatsu elite massage Cushion is very similar to the Homedics Perfect Touch. They both provide full back and neck massages. However, the Perfect touch has some features that the Shiatsu Elite Massage Cushion does not have.

The Perfect Touch has:

  • A percussion massage mode
  • A vibrating Seat
  • An app
  • A retractable cord

These are all features that the Shiatsu elite massage cushion lacks.

In addition, I noticed that the Perfect Touch targeted my shoulder blades much more than the Shiatsu Elite massage cushion.

The Perfect Touch got up to about the middle of my shoulder blades whereas the Shiatsu Elite Pro stopped just underneath.

Comparing prices, the Perfect Touch is usually listed at a higher price (the prices vary from day to day and from website to website). However, it has more features that the shiatsu elite massage cushion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lie down flat on it?

Even though it is possible to lie down flat on this massager, I wouldn’t recommend it. First, it already gives a very firm massage when you are sitting upright and it become unbearable when you are lying down.

Secondly, it puts extra strain on the massager putting it at risk for breaking.

Can you use it in the car?

The Perfect Touch does not come with a car adapter. Honestly, this massage cushion can be uncomfortable to sit in while it is not running because of the shiatsu nodes.

At the same time, while it is running, the Perfect Touch can be a distraction from driving. This may be why Homedics discourages the use of this massage cushion while driving.

Is it adjustable?

The back and neck massager are both adjustable, but this feature is limited. If you want a great massage without worrying about whether the massage cushion actually fits you, I recommend checking out neck massagers.

Even though neck massagers do require some arm strength and the ability to grip your hands, they are highly versatile and can give a great targeted massage to nearly any area of your body.

==> Click the link to discover some of the top neck massagers

What type of seat does it work best in?

The Perfect Touch works best in a seat that has a wider base and a hard back. Even though you could use this in a recliner, you may find that this position creates a much greater pressure on your back.

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Final Verdict

8.7Expert Score
Homedics Perfect Touch Massage Cushion- mcs-1000h

This cushion has the most options for different modes that I have seen. However, these extra options come with a heftier price tag.


All in all, I was highly impressed by the Perfect Touch Massage Cushion. It comes at a higher price point than similar massage cushion. However, it also offers features that you don’t usually see in massage cushions.

The perfect touch is a great choice if you want a massage cushion that gives a firm massage that includes a variety of styles.

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  1. Wow, I think I need this. I work from home, so I am always sitting in a computer chair. While my chair is nice, my back does get sore and I think a good massager like this would be an excellent option. Thanks for sharing and covering the pros and cons of the cushion!

    • You’re welcome. One of the great things about this massager is that you can put it in your chair when you need it and take it away when you are finished. Many people want a massage chair, but these smaller cushions have the advantage of portability. 

  2. After a hard day at work, the Homedics Perfect Touch massage cushion can relieve tension and stress of the day.  And I like the stylish appearance of it. It targets 3 different areas and it helps with back pain and neck pain with heat. You can either use your smart phone or attached controllers with an invigorating shiatsu massage.

    • Yes, the Homedics Perfect Touch massage cushion has many great features that can help give you a great massage. It is really nice to come home after a long day at work and getting a massage.

  3. I think it an excellent product for our parents also. My father always complaints about his body ache and I think this chair can help him a lot. It will provide him a sense of relaxation which he needs. Even though we have a foot massager at our home but this will provide a full body massage at a reasonable price.I think I might buy him one.

    • Yes- I agree. An older person may find this chair truly relaxing. Just make sure that you clear it with the doctor first. Also, this cushion gives a pretty strong massage. If your father finds this massage cushion too strong, you can always put a blanket over the back to lessen the intensity of this massage cushion.

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