Nursal Kneading Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat- An Underrated Massager (Review)

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A Mysterious Massage Cushion

The Nursal Kneading Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heat is a little bit of an enigma. Its page on Amazon is sparse and gives only the most basic of details. There is no mention of FDA approval. There are not even any voltage specifications. Personally, I searched for a Nursal website and came up with nothing. However, it has garnered quite a few positive reviews despite providing sparse information.

What is it about the Nursal massage cushion that gives it a leg up against its competitors? Why are people so happy with this relatively unknown massage cushion? What are the flaws of this massage cushion? This is something that I personally feel determined to find out.

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Who is the Nursal Shiatsu Massage Cushion for?

Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heatThis massage cushion is excellent for people who are on the go. One of the sad truths about traditional massages is that they take time. This makes them less accessible for the people who need them the most- busy people.

This cushion promises to give a great massage in 15 minutes. You won’t have to worry about whether you have the time to schedule an appointment or the commute to the spa (even though I would still recommend going to the spa from time to time).

Also, unlike a massage chair, this cushion is portable. You can use it in the house, at work, or even in the car. If you are a busy person and want a convenient option for a massage, this cushion could be for you.

Remember to consult a physician before you use the massage cushion, especially if you have health issues. Please read my full medical disclaimer here.


  • Neck massaging nodes can rotate clockwise or counterclockwiseKneading Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat

This cushion has 4 neck massaging nodes that provide a kneading massage. A kneading massage is especially fantastic for reducing muscle tension.

  • 3-D massage nodes

When it comes to massagers, 3-D nodes are something that I personally look for. Rather than just moving up and down, they also move forward and backward.

This makes it feel more like you are getting a massage from an actual human rather than a machine.

The nodes are firmer than tennis balls, yet not entirely tough like a golf ball. It feels like there is some sort of gel cushioning over it.

  • Shiatsu, deep kneading, and rolling massage

For the back, there are 3 techniques to choose from, creating a more customized experience.

It is actually a little unusual to see a massage cushion that claims to have the deep kneading feature, though others certainly do have nodes that move in and out.

  • Focus massage areas

This massage has a setting that allows you to use it on your full back or just your upper or lower back. You can also stop the up and down movement completely and focus on a specific area if you want.

  • Heating

This chair has a heating function that can be turned on and off separately

  • Vibrating seat cushion

The seat cushion of this massage chair has 3 different massage levels, making it ideal for people with sciatica (remember to always consult a doctor, especially if you are suffering from a medical condition.

  • 15-minute automatic shut-off

This feature is very important for the maintenance of the cushion. The machinery can break down or become overheated if it is run too long, so it is important to give the chair a rest from time to time.

What you will get when you buy it

  • Massage cushion
  • AC adapter
  • Car adapter
  • User manual


Dimensions: 31”x15”x9”

Shipping Weight: 13.6 pounds

Warranty: One-year manufacturer warranty + 60 day money back guarantee

My experience with the Nursal Massage Cushion

My unboxing and an overview of the features

Getting it set up

The massage cushion arrived in a giant box with was quite heavy. For me (because I am pretty frail) it was a task to lug the whole thing up the stairs. However, once it was out of the box, it was very easy to set up.

Even though this cushion is portable, I would probably avoid trying to lug it between the car and my house too much because it is a little heavy for me.

The controller

The controller was extremely easy for me to work with. All of the keys are self explanatory and there is even a little pouch on the side of the chair to put it on the right-hand side.

The back massage

The back massage was great. It actually offers more massage options than I originally thought (not only does it have shiatsu and kneading, but it also has wave).

The kneading is the strongest of the three. You can definitely feel it digging into your back and manipulating your muscles. The wave is a little softer (and my favorite). It feels like someone’s hands are alternatively rubbing up and down your spine. The shiatsu is the gentlest of all and feels like a nice pressure running along your back.

The heat is a nice addition and I noticed it kicking in a few minutes in.

The neck massage

The neck massage was definitely one of my favorite features of this cushion. You can adjust it up and down so that it fits your height. The kneading that it does on the neck definitely feels heavenly especially if you tend to hold tension in your neck like how I do.

One disadvantage of this cushion is that there is an area of the back that it doesn’t quite reach, right at the top of the shoulder blades. If this is a problem area for you, then you may want to consider another cushion.

The vibrating seat

To be honest, vibrating massages do not do much for me. I liked the fact that you could choose between 3 different settings. It was also fairly quiet.

8 Month Update

The massage cushion has held up for me these past 8 months. It gets used about twice a week for no more than 15 minutes at a time. Even though it has held up for me, some people have not been so lucky. I have read some reports of the cushion breaking after a few months.

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8.3Expert Score
Nursal Kneading Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat-

Here is how I have scored everything up. The heat is great and it is very comfortable. I gave those both a 10. Though you can move it from place to place, it is still a fairly large massager. Vibration is unimpressive to me (though I tend to be generally unimpressed by vibration). The price is comparable to other cushions with similar features.




  • Portable

If you want a massage in any chair in the house or at work, this is the cushion for you. You could even drape it on the couch if you wanted. You can also use it in the car, though the 15 minute timer seems as if though it would be annoying in the car. It might be dangerous to turn it on again if you are driving down the freeway.

  • Convenient

One of the great benefits of this chair is that you can get a massage over most of your back without having to run out to a masseuse or spending a lot of money on a massage chair.

  • Quiet

The basic massage feature of this cushion is very quiet and ideal to use at work. However, the vibration in the seat is louder.

  • Adjustable

This chair is highly adjustable. You can adjust the height of the neck massager (which may be why there are fewer complaints about the neck being too high on this cushion compared to others). You can also adjust the intensity of the vibration and height of the rollers.

  • Strong Massage

People love the fact that this chair has a strong massage. If you are worried that the pressure may be too much for you, you can always lessen the intensity with a cushion (a blanket or towel should work fine).


  • It may break after a few months.
  • The is a part of the shoulder blade that is never reached on this massage cushion. If you want a massage cushion so that you can get a great massage in your shoulders, this may not be the one for you.
  • Though the shoulders are more adjustable than other chairs, it still will not fit everyone. People who are taller or shorter that average may have issues.
  • It is not very comfortable to sit in while it is off

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you lay down on this flat?

Yes, it is completely possible to lay this flat so that you get a massage while laying down. If you want to get really fancy, you could elevate your legs about 28° so that you are in the zero-gravity position.

  • Can you use this in an office?

Since the cushion is quiet, it should be alright to use in an office. You should avoid using the vibration setting in an office.

  • Would it be good for long road trips?

I personally do not think that it would be ideal for long road trips, since massages only last for 15 minutes and the nodes can be uncomfortable to sit on when off. However, if you take it with you and use it on breaks then it could provide some relief on the road.

In conclusion, this is an overall solid massage cushion. It has an excellent offering of features and gives an overall great massage. If you are interested in buying the Nursal massage cushion, click below.


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  1. Thanks for the great post. There is a lot of information that I have work through. I appreciate the great article and can tell that a lot of work and research went into putting this together.

    I have one these for my office and I love it. It’s great. It works very well.

  2. Thank You for doing this review. I had a car accident a couple years ago and saw a massage therapist for almost a year. I also worked in a chiropractic office with massage therapists. Massages are so important for our health and healing but not everyone can afford to pay for weekly or monthly massage sessions. This sounds like a wonderful alternative when you can’t get in for regular sessions. Do you know if it has multiple heat settings or just on and off?

    • Thanks! I try to show people that there are options out there and that everyone should be able to find something. Next week I plan to talk about how you can even use tennis balls to give yourself a massage. 

      The heat is just on and off and both the back and neck are heated.

  3. Hi again,
    Thanks for another great review. I was pleasantly surprised at the very low cost of this massage seat.
    Shame it doesn’t reach the shoulder blades, but for a petite person like me it maybe would, Lol.
    I love how many versatile uses it has and I will definitely think about getting one.
    Fantastic purchase for any online worker.

  4. With a bad back that is regularly giving me grief, I think I really need one of these Nursal Kneading Shiatsu Massage Cushions. I’ve had something similar in the past and it did the job, but that one got lost in a move and I’m yet to replace it.

    I actually want something a little better this time, and the one you recommend looks like it could be it. I really like the heating function, which is something my previous massager lacked.

    • Yes, this really is a fantastic massager and it has help up really well for me so far. I would recommend looking at my list of the best back massagers so that you can see more of what is out there. There are so many great options.

  5. I love this massage chair! I try to massage my muscles after my workout sessions because I tend to cramp. What I like about this is that it uses the method, rolling massage.

    This is something I should invest in, so I will come back to buy this from your website, and I will come back for more reviews, thank you!

    • Thanks! I am glad this helps. A massage cushion can definitely help you relax after a workout. If you want further therapeutic benefits, you should consider a sports massage.

  6. Reply
    Karol Bibiana Beltrán Ríos January 23, 2018 at 2:27 am

    The product that you promote is a therapist who works where and when you want. I’ve tried several appliances that are on the market but focus only on specific areas. By your description I see that this works pretty well, except for the shoulder blades as you specify . I think that it is an excellent choice for a bit of relaxation at the end of the day or for activities that generate stress.

    • Yes, these are indeed great. You have complete control so you can get exactly the massage you want. It is important that you know the strengths and weaknesses of each type of massage cushion so that you can get the best one for you.

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