Understanding Stress In The Workplace

Nearly 20 years ago the CDC put out a wonderful guide about managing stress in the workplace. Even though time has passed, the information is still vital for understanding workplace stress. Read the report from the CDC here.

  1. This is an amazingly long post and it’s a great resource. Everything I need to complete my thesis is here. I no longer work in an office and it’s much easier to handle stress when I can work from home. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I am glad that this is going to help you with your thesis. I think that one of the most disturbing things is workplace violence. I can’t imagine having to go into a job where I have to worry about my own safety.

      • That is when a stress prevention program is needed?

        • Yes, a stress prevention program can really help with issues in the workplace. I think that it may be because the company recognizes its own impact in their employees lives. I am an advocate for taking action into your own hands and looking for your own ways to relieve stress.

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